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Study Thru the New Testament in 1 Quarter!

The free Study The New Testament In Thirteen Weeks reading and study program is designed for those around the world who want to participate as individuals, in Bible study fellowships, in home Bible study groups, in Sunday school classes, and in churches using the free resources provided here online at Study The New Testament In Thirteen Weeks.

Plan to read through and study the entire New Testament during a 13 week period beginning any time! Extend your study to 26 or 52 or more weeks with this Bible Reading and Study Guide. Read Monday through Saturday, with Sunday as a day for rest and worship, review, planning ahead, or “catching up” (if you fall behind in your reading). All materials here are FREE TO USE, and are provided for not-for-profit use only with all rights reserved. All materials are copyrighted and all rights reserved, but you are free to copy, revise for your needs, and reprint them for your nonprofit use, or send them to others.

These plans and materials may be used by a pastor or a Bible teacher for giving a message during the congregation’s worship service, a Sunday school class lesson, and a midweek lesson. A  Study The New Testament In Thirteen Weeks Calendar shows what Scripture texts need to be read each day. Bible school classes and weekly evening Bible studies can preview the assigned readings and help encourage students to keep reading the Bible; teaching them what to especially consider as they read through the Bible. No readings will be assigned for Sundays; therefore, Sundays can be used to “catch up” in one’s Bible reading, if necessary, or to plan ahead for the next week’s readings at your own pace.


Use the Study The New Testament In Thirteen Weeks Calendar (a total of 3 pages, because each calendar page covers 5 weeks of readings) to plan your daily reading. Each calendar page is prepared so you can begin the program any month or year in order to work through the entire program. After completing this thirteen week course, I encourage you to begin an in depth study of the Gospel of John using the verse-by-verse commentary and numerous Bible class resources available through the International Bible Study Commentary.

If you have additional study time or quiet time to help you better remember what your have read each day (and for review later) or for class discussion, print out the notebook pages for the daily Bible readings and Create Your Own Bible Study Book of study or teaching notes. You can put these in a three-ring binder.

Some will want to write a key thought and/or a question or questions from each chapter they read in their Own Bible Study Book, Additional pages on each day's reading can be printed out for longer chapter notations or answers to questions for your book. You might also use the study notes pages in preparation to teach a lesson or prepare a sermon. Some will want to use their study notes pages (or additional study notes pages) to take notes during their Bible study class or during the weekly message. In these and other inventive ways, you can Create Your Own Bible Study Book. The important thing to remember is your goals should include developing the habit of daily Bible reading and intense study. The extra Bible Lessons available through the International Bible Study Commentary website can be used as background study material for leaders and teachers (or individual readers) or to enhance and supplement your individual study.

Some people may think these Bible selections or readings are too long for one sitting; however, many people read far more at one time in other favorite books. If your readings are too short, you may miss out on the context and larger scope of Biblical truth from day to day. If you find the readings too long for one sitting, think about dividing the daily readings into a morning reading and an evening reading. Or read at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Divide the longer readings into shorter readings throughout the day to meet your needs or extend this Bible Reading Plan to 26 or 52 weeks.

May God bless and guide you through your reading of the Bible. May God give you a greater love for Him and His Word as you read. May God give you a deepening desire to read His Word each day and share what you learn with others. Begin each day's reading with prayer for the Holy Spirit to teach you as you read and help you keep your focus on God's Word as you read. Let the Bible speak to you directly with the light the Holy Spirit gives you, and only later read the commentaries for the ideas of others.

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